Training & Education : Jerusalem

jerusalem_1806829bFirst HeMiBio Winterschool for young scientists : Jerusalem

16 - 17 January 2012
Organised by Dr. Yaakov Nahmias at the Silberman Institute of Life Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


Introduction to Microfabrication Technology for Biology and Medicine  

Microfabrication technology has already changed the world around us. Hiding under the shiny coat of our cars, iPods, cellphones and televisions, the integrated circuit has dramatically changed the way we live. Features a thousand times smaller than a single millimeter enable an unparallel control over electrical signals resulting in nearly magical computational, communication, and memory powers. A similar revolution is currently changing the study of biology and the practice of medicine. Microscale patterns, 3D features and microfluidics allow us to screen thousands of conditions, control the cellular microenvironment, and provide innovative tools for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

This winter school is designed for young investigators who are active in biomedical research. The school will introduce the audience to the essentials of microfabrication technology with a series of frontal lectures and hands-on laboratory modules. In particular, the practical and theroretical experience acquired in this course will improve communications between biologists and engineers by providing a better understanding of the potential and limitations of microfluidic technology.

Please note that the number of places is limited to 20 participants.




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The Winterschool is jointly funded by the European Commission and the European Cosmetics Association (COLIPA) through the HeMiBio project, contract number HEALTH-F5-2010-266777