Training & Education: Barcelona

Second HeMiBio Winterschool for young scientists gaudi21

16th January 2013 in Barcelona, Spain
Organised by Prof. Mathieu Vinken and Prof. Vera Rogiers
Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Department of Toxicology, Belgium


Concepts of toxicology and risk assessment

One of the major drivers of the SEURAT-1 program relates to the safety evaluation of chemicals, in casu cosmetic ingredients. Chemical risk assessment, in turn, relies to a considerable extent on the science of toxicology. Knowledge of both disciplines is a prerequisite for appropriate understanding and practical application of the SEURAT-1 outcome. This 1-day course therefore intends to make non-toxicologists familiar with the field of toxicology and risk assessment. Focus will be put on basic toxicology as well as on 4 topics specifically tailored for the SEURAT-1 program, including (i) the safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients, (ii) mechanisms and types of liver toxicity, (iii) biomarkers of (liver) toxicity, and (iv) in vivo extrapolation of in vitro toxicity data.





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The Winterschool is jointly funded by the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe through the HeMiBio project, contract number HEALTH-F5-2010-266777